Restaurant Marketing that wins!

Your restaurant has 288 types of customers.

Market to every customer personally & start winning.

Your restaurant has 288 types of customers.

Everyone knows they have 2 types of customers - high spenders & low spenders. But customers order on weekdays or weekends, via Zomato or directly, visit 3 times a month or once in 6 months and so on... their are so many factors that influence how to market to every individual customer.

But restaurant marketing in 288 different ways is impossible.

That's why Xeno auto-magically personalizes your marketing.
Personalization improves results by 20 to 50%

Data Management

Restaurant Marketing today is sub-par.

Simply because their is too much to think. That's why we see restaurants just send the same marketing campaigns to all their customers all the time & be done with it.

Data Management

Automagically reach marketing level 288.

Xeno is always thinking about your restaurant & reaches out to the right customer at the right time with the right content via the right channel automatically.

#Proof that personalized restaurant marketing works.

InstaPizza achieves 34% increase in repeat sales.

Majeeds grows it's repeat business by 91%.

Salad Days generates a 30X ROI with Xeno.

We've helped 100's of restaurants personalize their marketing.

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Need help? Talk to us.

Need help? Talk to us.