Our Story

SMBs run India. So we built Xeno to help help SMB's run. The most important factor in running a successful business is creating loyal customers and bring them back through the door as often as possible. Yet, customer retention marketing is the last thing on a business owners mind. They're just too busy with the day to day operations. That's why Xeno helps improve customer retention by running loyalty programs and data driven marketing campaigns without laying a finger. This is our first step towards revolutionizing the customer experience at local stores.

Meet the team

Pranav Ahuja
Ayushmaan Kapoor
Nishant Munjal
Ashish Kushwaha
Pallavi Malhotra
Manav Goel
Merchant Success
Naval Meena
Arjit Batta
Shambhavi Bajaj
Merchant Success
Yogesh Sharma
Izhar Ahmed
Merchant Success
Mohit Walia
Omar Hussain
Dubai Head

Meet our honorary members

They don't work 9 to 5, they entertain 5 to 9.

Manini Mathur
Nitsimar Guliani
Riti Wig
Sukhneer Singh
Mukesh Sirohi
Ashad Hassan

Join the Xeno team

We're always looking for rockstar developers and hustlers to join our team. Email us at join at xeno dot in or view the open jobs from the link below.

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